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The benefits of a 100% digital sales office in real estate

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Digital Sales Benefits
June 28, 2021

Switching to a digital sales office is no longer an option. Indeed, there are several downfalls to using “paper” contracts or any other such document, as it actually adds to the workload. So, why do many real estate sales teams still print, sign, fax and send paper contracts?

The answer would seem to be obvious: it’s easy to stick with a process that has been around for a long time, even if it’s outdated and expensive. In light of today’s market, everyone should make an effort to transition to a computerized sales office. To do so, many companies are implementing digital solutions that offer exactly this type of service.

It is worth mentioning that real estate sales teams spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per project on paper printing. Not only does this take a lot of money out of the budget, but it doesn’t help their sales process or achieve their goals. And let’s not forget the environmental damage that paper printing can cause. As a matter of fact, developers should strongly consider their ecological footprint, which in itself is a reason enough to embrace the change to a computerized sales process. 

Efficient document management

Transitioning to a 100% digital office and having your sales documents centralized makes your team much more efficient. All new real estate transactions require many documents such as promises to purchase, insurance forms, conditional purchases, change orders, etc. It is therefore important to keep all documentation in one place so that the entire team can have access to it. This is particularly relevant for the sale of a new building which, in reality, can take several months to be finalized. Indeed, having to look for a single page after many months could be problematic, not to mention that the company would be held responsible for it. In short, listing and auditing becomes easier with a central document repository and it makes life easier for vendors and their customers.

Another positive side of a centralized document management system is that it helps to tie down and manage the real estate business as a whole. Once the contract is signed and reviewed, everyone will have access to the available inventory and the price of the property according to the requested changes. This is another way to keep complete control over the internal system and to have an overall overview of the sales performance.

Cost Reduction

It is expensive to archive, copy and send documents in “paper” format and many real estate developers should consider these expenses in their project. Since this has always been the way of doing business for many companies, it is still difficult to accept that there are other easier and more affordable options. Still, as mentioned earlier, having contracts printed can cost up to a thousand dollars per project. Indeed, a contract for a real estate transaction can consist of at least a hundred pages, all of which must be signed, sent and filed. This means more administrative tasks, resulting in more salaries to pay, not to mention the cost of archiving and managing all these administrative documents.

System automation can also speed up the sales process. No more waiting days or weeks for the potential buyer to come back to the sales office and sign the contract. Document digitization automatically tracks the customer’s transaction in real time, among other things, by using electronic signatures. In short, all of this strongly motivates potential buyers to engage in a purchasing process for the various products offered. 

To sum up, using a digital platform such as Onyx technologies for real estate sales has many advantages, such as :

  • A better ecological footprint for the company.
  • A reduction in costs, with less “paper” documents and costs related to administrative tasks (salaries, management and archiving).
  • Time and energy savings for sellers and their clients, as the real estate transaction can be tracked from start to finish, in real time, without delay, thanks to the electronic signature.
  • A greater unity and performance of the sales team, mainly by centralizing the filing of documents, which gives everyone easy access and a good overview of the company’s internal system. It also allows for a continuous update of the products offered and prices according to specific requests or modifications.
  • The transaction efficiency can be sustained over several months. For example, it makes it easier to look through numerous documents and avoids possible losses.

All of this leads to a more efficient and effective sales team as well as more committed and involved clients in the process of buying their property, not to mention cost reduction and, above all, a positive impact on the environment. 

Feel free to ask one of our representatives how Onyx can help you cut down on your operating costs and reduce your environmental footprint!