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About Us

Bringing Data and Field Experience Together


Our story

Founded in late 2018, Onyx technologies is a software development company specializing in Sales and Marketing optimization for the Real-Estate industry. 


Year of foundation




Years in the making

That’s not to say that our Onyx platform is as young as we are! We have been developing it for several customers since 2011, adding more features, working out the kinks and adopting new technologies like mobility, VoIP and more recently, AI.

We wake up every morning, wanting to make a difference for our customers and we spend most of our days thinking about how we can make their lives better by leveraging available technologies. That is what’s at our core and what really drives us.

Meet the team

Onyx Technologies is all about passion. We look for passionate people in the first place, people who we’d have fun with… then look at diplomas and certifications. This makes our team the happiest, most motivated and dedicated people you will ever have worked with!

marc-olivier therrien

Marc O. Therrien


Gabriel Harbour

Gabriel Harbour


Laurianne Lamarche

Director of Operations

Anne Robbins-Holland

Anne Robbins Holland

Salesforce Expert

template équipe mauve

Li Zhao

Salesforce Administrator

Louise Vaissaire

Louise Vaissaire

Marketing Automation Specialist

Madeleine Teixeira

Administrative Coordinator

Audrey Puylaert

Audrey Puylaert

Account executive

Sebastien Rodrigue

Director of Sales and Business Development

Mathias Magras

Technical Lead


Jessica Stamper

Web Developer

template équipe mauve

James Chau

Junior Development Engineer


Our team
is ever-expanding!

We hire people based on how deeply they care about making customers’ lives easier and sharing their skills and knowledge to empower everyone around them, including customers and partners.

Ready to Optimize Your Sales Cycle?