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The Efficient
Way to Manage
Real Estate Sales

Onyx is the only proptech software application that handles everything from governance to finance, sales, marketing, inventory control, and construction itself into a single source of truth.

Who is Onyx for?

One Platform for Every Team Member

Sales Teams

Take the guesswork out of sales management by letting Onyx seamlessly optimize the process.

Optimize the
Marketing Process

Let Onyx simplify marketing and make it more efficient thanks to its formula based on automation, personalization, and rich analytics

Take Customer Service to the Next Level

Draw on Onyx’s options of automated customer journeys, personalization, third-party system integration, and interactive issue management.

Onyx Brings Together
Real Estate Services

Onyx aggregates the vital data pertaining to your community within a single location.

Onyx’s proprietary cloud technology enables seamless integrations with any third-party software.

Rapidly and evidently see available units and search for units based on a variety of target variables.

“We’ve been using Onyx’s platform for over 10 years now and it has been a key driver of our sustained growth. They have really listened to us when customizing the platform while suggesting better ways of doing our business! Thanks guys!”

Tina Dostie
VP Sales and Marketing

“I feel like I have personally contributed to the development of Onyx’s platform over the years as they really value out input as customers, which makes the platform very connected to our daily reality.”

Louis Conrad Migneault
President and General Manager

“As a Real-Estate focused sales and marketing agency, we really saw a great tool in Onyx’s platform as it allows us to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple projects and customers!”

Elian Sanchez
Vice-President of Sales

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Born from the Desire to Simplify New Home Sales

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