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online event booking

Online Event Booking

Book Through a Single, Omnichannel Calendar

Make the process of booking events simple by using the omnichannel and personalized experience of Onyx’s seamlessly integrated scheduler. Consolidate some or all of the buyers, sales representatives and service providers in a single place.

At a glance

See What Onyx’s Scheduling Capabilities Can Do for You

Ever felt disorganized because your events are scattered in different agendas? Ever wasted time trying to plan meetings over the phone? Use our platform’s omnichannel scheduling tools to shrink the sales cycle.

  • Link sales reps’ calendars to anyone involved in the process
  • Integrate VoIP platforms to automatically track interactions
  • Enable one-click calling right from the calendar
  • Book optional sales office visits via the shared calendar 
  • Email outbound meeting invitations to prospects
  • Instantly find a resource, available time slot, and book it
  • Easily schedule group meetings 
  • Allow customers to schedule meetings with a sales rep

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Electronic Signatures

Make contract closing simple by having either sales representatives or the clients generate electronic contracts or other types of legal and non-legal documents at the touch of a button. Clients can then quickly sign those online through DocuSign.

ID Verification

Along with its easy electronic contract generation and seamless signature management, Onyx ensures FINTRAC compliance by directly integrating the verification of clients’ identities and cross-referencing them with known terrorist and money launderer watch lists.

customer portal

Customer Portal

Empower customers to resolve requests on their own — no agent required — by integrating Salesforce data into your portal and business processes. They want to check an account, pay a bill, or book an appointment? It can all be done in a flash.

“We’ve been using Onyx’s platform for over 10 years now and it has been a key driver of our sustained growth. They have really listened to us when customizing the platform while suggesting better ways of doing our business! Thanks guys!”

Tina Dostie
VP Sales and Marketing

“I feel like I have personally contributed to the development of Onyx’s platform over the years as they really value out input as customers, which makes the platform very connected to our daily reality.”

Louis Conrad Migneault
President and General Manager

“As a Real-Estate focused sales and marketing agency, we really saw a great tool in Onyx’s platform as it allows us to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple projects and customers!”

Elian Sanchez
Vice-President of Sales

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