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Onyx Technologies obtains funding to innovate in Artificial Intelligence

July 2, 2024

Onyx Technologies is excited to announce that we have received financial support from the government of Québec. This highly valued recognition underscores our pioneering role in adopting artificial intelligence within our CRM solution for the real estate sector. It reaffirms the relevance of our innovations and our commitment to transforming real estate, reflecting the confidence placed in our vision and innovative approach.

Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of Our Real Estate CRM

Our real estate CRM, designed to meet the unique challenges of the real estate industry, stands out for its advanced use of artificial intelligence. This technology allows us to offer extensive automation, unprecedented customer personalization, and precise predictive analysis, thus transforming how real estate professionals interact with their clients and manage their portfolios.

Government of Québec Funding: A Launchpad for Innovation

The funding provided by the government of Québec marks a significant milestone in our quest for innovation. It acknowledges not just the value of our work to date but also our potential to positively influence the future of real estate through our developments in artificial intelligence. This financial support is a catalyst that will allow us to accelerate our research and development projects, thereby strengthening our role as a leader in real estate innovation.

“This support from the government strengthens our ambition to revolutionize real estate with artificial intelligence. It is a powerful validation of our strategy to redefine technology for the real estate industry,” says Marc Olivier Therrien, President of Onyx Technologies. “We are deeply grateful for their trust, which fuels our technological advances and reflects our commitment to innovation.”

Strategic Collaborations: Together Towards Innovation

We would like to express our gratitude to our strategic partners, the government of Québec for their trust through the PIIA program, allowing us to work with CRIM. Their collaboration enriches our projects, underscoring a joint desire to stimulate technological innovation in real estate. These partnerships are proof of a flourishing innovation ecosystem, where cooperation between key players can lead to significant advancements.

“By supporting projects focused on research and the integration of AI in Quebec companies, we promote their growth and productivity. Onyx Technologies offers innovative technological solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry, which will be an important sector in the coming years,” underlines Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister responsible for regional economic development and minister responsible for the Metropolis and the Montreal region.

Onyx Technologies’ Competitive Advantage

At Onyx Technologies, we understand that innovation is key in the rapidly evolving real estate sector. Our AI-enhanced CRM provides real estate professionals with powerful tools to improve their decision-making, optimize operational efficiency, and offer exceptional customer experiences. This innovation-focused approach positions us as a strategic partner for any real estate company looking to stand out in a competitive market.

Towards an Innovative Future with Onyx Technologies

The support from the government of Québec is a recognition of our vision and our ability to drive innovation in the real estate sector through artificial intelligence. Onyx Technologies is proud of this partnership and remains committed to developing real estate CRM solutions that not only meet the current needs of the market but also transform it to better meet future expectations. Together, we are building the future of real estate, marked by efficiency, personalization, and intelligence.

Discovering Onyx Technologies’ Partners

These partnerships illustrate the dynamic innovation ecosystem in Québec, highlighting the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors for technological development. Onyx Technologies is proud to associate with these institutions, thereby strengthening our ability to innovate and transform the real estate sector with advanced and intelligent solutions.

PIIA (Artificial Intelligence Innovation Program):

This program, initiated by the government of Québec, aims to support AI innovation projects to enhance industrial research and technological development. PIIA plays a crucial role in Québec’s innovation ecosystem, facilitating partnerships between companies and research institutions to catalyze the development of innovative solutions.

CRIM (Computer Research Institute of Montreal):

A leading research institute in Canada dedicated to technological innovation. CRIM undertakes applied computer research projects aiming to boost business competitiveness through technology. Their collaboration with Onyx Technologies underscores a shared commitment to advancing artificial intelligence in the real estate sector.

Author: Louise Vaissaire