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Onyx for Marketing

Optimize Marketing Operations

With the Onyx real estate platform, marketing suddenly becomes simpler and more successful thanks to our proptech system’s triple-winning formula of automation, personalization, and rich analytics.

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Automate the
Marketing Process

Make use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to build and automate customer journeys across all of your marketing channels including SMS and online advertising, email marketing, and more. Therefore, deliver a seamless experience across marketing, sales and customer service.

Ad-Spend Tracking

Assess Which Campaigns Best Convert Leads Into Buyers

See exactly which campaigns and channels convert leads into buyers through rich and customizable analytics that put powerful management Information at your fingertips. Track leads and buyers in real time throughout the sales cycle, from generation to expiration.

Real-Time Market Studies

A Single Advertising Platform

Test the interest for your community before launch by creating marketing campaigns directly in Onyx’s advertising platform. Generate leads to reach potential clients and in turn evaluate the type of real estate development that would best suit their needs.

No-Code Landing Page

Singlehandedly Create Landing Pages

Integrated Salesforce’s CloudPages allows for an easy and quick creation of your own landing page(s) without requiring prior coding knowledge. Landing pages can then be viewed from a browser, or be linked to your website and emails.

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More Marketing Tools

Unit Map

Our platform renders your real estate project in a visually appealing map. Every team member can use it to easily access almost any information and to initiate tasks related to units.

Advanced Analytics

Track leads and buyers in real time through rich and customizable analytics. Assess which campaigns convert leads into buyers. Take action based on preferences and behaviours, spanning all of your marketing channels including SMS and online advertising, email marketing, and more.

Ready to Optimize Your Sales Cycle?