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Onyx for Sales

Increase Your Sales Profits

Have all your sales tools in the same platform to automate the cycle, measure your performance, and therefore optimize your income. Access an always up-to-date unit map to see live inventory, initiate a sale, access and assess unit details and data at a glance.

Electronic Signatures

Get Documents
Signed in Minutes

Make contract closing simple by having either sales representatives or the clients generate electronic contracts or other types of legal and non-legal documents at the touch of a button. Clients can then quickly sign those online through DocuSign.

Online Sales

A Simple and Efficient Buying Journey

In the same way that eCommerce platforms enable customers to independently manage the sales cycle, Onyx’s secure environment allows for easy unit choice, electronic contract generation, FINTRAC-Compliant ID verification, and signature.

Project Value Maximization

Maximize Your Community’s Revenue Potential

Optimize inventory sales prices in real time by leveraging powerful AI features that automatically suggest or apply responsive pricing to meet business goals, maintain sales velocity or adjust to a combination of customizable factors.

Broker Portal

Have Your Broker Network Work for You

Publish marketing collateral, advise on price changes, receive purchase requests and allocate units to brokers seamlessly in a few clicks.

Unit Map

See Your Community Project in a Clear-Cut Layout

Our platform renders your real estate project in a visually appealing map. Every team member can use it to easily access almost any information and to initiate tasks related to units.

You’ll Love These

More Sales Tools

ID Verification

Along with its easy electronic contract generation and seamless signature management, Onyx ensures FINTRAC compliance by directly integrating the verification of clients’ identities and cross-referencing them with known terrorist and money launderer watch lists.

Advanced Analytics

Track leads and buyers in real time through rich and customizable analytics. Assess which campaigns convert leads into buyers. Take action based on preferences and behaviours, spanning all of your marketing channels including SMS and online advertising, email marketing, and more.

Online Event Booking

Make the process of booking events simple by using the omnichannel and personalized experience of Onyx’s seamlessly integrated scheduler. Consolidate some or all of the buyers, sales representatives and service providers in a single place.

Ready to Optimize Your Sales Cycle?