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Subcontractor Portal

Simplify Communications Between Your Team and Partners

Ever wanted to resolve a non-recurrent issue by sending a quick message to find out that the whole communication process ate up too much of your time? Ever been at a loss trying to find an old conversation in your inbox? Let Onyx simplify the process.

At a glance

See What Centralized Communication Can Do for You

Onyx centralizes communication between developers and their different partners (paint contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.) in a subcontractor portal.

  • Have access to your partners within the platform
  • Manage quotes and contracts using a simple ticketing system
  • Link each deficiency to the right subcontractor
  • Track the fixing progress related to any deficiency
  • See all data related to a deficiency at a glance
  • Provide suppliers with access to their own portal
  • Let suppliers know about work that is to be done
  • Categorize suppliers’ work by unit
  • Follow up on suppliers’ work over the entire project

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Pre-Delivery Inspections

Pre-Delivery Inspections

Allow your customers to manage their delivery experience with features such as online finishing selection and notifications, self-booking services for predelivery inspections, or even for after-delivery maintenance.

Unit Map

Our software helps every team member to easily access almost any information by rendering your real-estate project in a visually appealing map that also serves to initiate tasks related to units.

Online Event Booking

Make the process of booking events simple by using the omnichannel and personalized experience of Onyx’s seamlessly integrated scheduler. Consolidate some or all of the buyers, sales representatives and service providers in a single place.

“We’ve been using Onyx’s platform for over 10 years now and it has been a key driver of our sustained growth. They have really listened to us when customizing the platform while suggesting better ways of doing our business! Thanks guys!”

Tina Dostie
VP Sales and Marketing

“I feel like I have personally contributed to the development of Onyx’s platform over the years as they really value out input as customers, which makes the platform very connected to our daily reality.”

Louis Conrad Migneault
President and General Manager

“As a Real-Estate focused sales and marketing agency, we really saw a great tool in Onyx’s platform as it allows us to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple projects and customers!”

Elian Sanchez
Vice-President of Sales

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