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Onyx for Customer Service

Up Your Customer Service Game

With every touchpoint finessed, you can take your customer service to the next level, with exciting options for automated customer journeys, personalization, third-party system integration, and interactive issue management. Onyx essentially renders extraordinary the customer’s shopping and buying experience!

Deposit Management

Automate Customer Deposits and Payments

Save time by automating one-time deposit collections. Enhance your customer journeys further by letting Onyx manage recurrent customer payment without having to lift a single finger.

Self-Serve Finish Selection

Let Buyers Manage Customizations

Onyx integrates with the majority of third-party construction management tools, such as Procore. It offers seamless communication and engagement between customers and the construction team for customization options such as the selection of finishes and others.

Pre-Delivery Inspections

Conduct, Share and Track Walkthrough and Deliveries

Allow your customers to manage their delivery experience with features such as online finishing selection and notifications, self-booking services for predelivery inspections, or even for after-delivery maintenance.

Customer Portal

Get Customers to Resolve Their Own Requests

Empower customers to resolve requests on their own — no agent required — by integrating Salesforce data into your portal and business processes. They want to check an account, pay a bill, or book an appointment? It can all be done in a flash.

Subcontractor Portal

Enable Strong Subcontractor Management

Track and resolve issues through Onyx’s ticket-assignment system and its real-time reports. Subcontractors can see work requests and SLAs in their portal, and your business can track repairs and warranty periods to maximize project margins.

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Unit Map

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Advanced Analytics

Track leads and buyers in real time through rich and customizable analytics. Assess which campaigns convert leads into buyers. Take action based on preferences and behaviours, spanning all of your marketing channels including SMS and online advertising, email marketing, and more.

Online Event Booking

Make the process of booking events simple by using the omnichannel and personalized experience of Onyx’s seamlessly integrated scheduler. Consolidate some or all of the buyers, sales representatives and service providers in a single place.

Ready to Optimize Your Sales Cycle?