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Data Backup and Lead Recovery: New Onyx Features

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April 18, 2024

In the dynamic ecosystem of real estate, where speed and reliability of information define success, data backup and recovery technologies are not only lifelines but also growth accelerators. Onyx, with its innovative solutions, positions itself at the heart of this transformation. Let’s explore how.

Data Backup

Data backup is not just a precautionary measure; it’s a fundamental strategy to ensure the continuity of our activities. Onyx, in collaboration with Salesforce, offers a backup solution that secures our data against any eventuality, ensuring that our valuable information assets remain intact and accessible at all times.

Enhanced Security with Salesforce

In the face of increasing digital threats, Onyx Technologies and Salesforce form the first line of defense for your data. This collaboration guarantees optimal security, protecting your business against cyberattacks and providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Reducing the Risk of Data Loss

Onyx ensures the security of your data with automatic and regular backups. This proactive approach prevents the loss of valuable information and enables effortless recovery, allowing you to maintain business continuity under any circumstances.

Salesforce CLoud data backup

Lead Recovery

The ability to recover and optimize each lead is crucial for growth in the real estate sector. Onyx provides you with advanced tools to recover lost or damaged leads and to improve the quality of your interactions, thus ensuring flawless lead management.

Rapid and Effective Lead Recovery

With Onyx, every lead is a golden opportunity that we ensure never to miss. Our technology enables rapid and efficient lead recovery, turning every challenge into a new possibility for success.

Optimized Lead Data Correction

Onyx goes beyond mere lead recovery by refining the accuracy of your data. Every minor correction contributes to a clear and effective communication strategy, thus maximizing your chances of conversion.

Lead recovery with Onyx highlights the importance of reactive and precise management, underlining the significant impact data loss can have on financial opportunities.

Statistics and Key Figures

  • Data Losses: A 2021 study revealed that 93% of companies suffering a significant data loss without reliable backup plans go bankrupt within the following year.
  • IT Budget: Companies allocate an average of 12% of their IT budget to data protection and backup, according to a 2022 report.
  • Financial Impact: According to a 2023 study, companies that fail to quickly recover lost data can lose an average of up to 4 million dollars in missed business opportunities.
  • Human Errors: Human errors remain a major cause of data loss, accounting for about 30% of incidents, highlighting the importance of an effective recovery system.

Adding These Features to Your CRM

Onyx, with its new data backup and lead recovery features, provides real estate professionals with the necessary tools to secure and optimize their activity. These innovations, now available, are the result of a continuous commitment to excellence and meeting the specific demands of the real estate market.

Take control of your data security and the efficiency of your lead management with Onyx. Don’t let unforeseen events and digital threats compromise your success. Contact our team at Onyx today and discover how our solutions can help you transform your real estate management.

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Author : Louise Vaissaire

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