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How can technology improve the client’s experience in the real estate sector?

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August 17, 2021

By incorporating technology into their practice, a real estate developer ensures that the customer experience is front and centre. With a good CRM, a developer is able to give their sales team the opportunity to serve their customers well so they are fully satisfied with their buying experience. Some tools provide excellent support in this area such as message automation and reminders to help customers better navigate the process as well as allowing high-quality communication directly with the sales representative via different mediums, which significantly improves service both before and after the sale.

Automating Messages

It goes without saying that message automation is one of the best-known marketing strategies. Back in the day, it could be clunky, as it was easy to flood the potential buyers’ inboxes with numerous advertising messages. However, it is now possible to make these communications much more personalized, prioritizing quality over quantity. This is possible, among other things, thanks to data analysis. Indeed, good software will take into account the prospects’ demographic data to properly target communication. Thus, a good CRM should be able to maintain the interest of potential buyers by sending them, as soon as they express an interest in a project or a unit, a series of automated messages directly in-line with their interests. In short, it’s a great way to capture the attention of prospects and keep them informed, without them feeling overwhelmed.

Automating calls

Whether by email or text message, the customer can receive automated reminders from the real estate developer as soon as the purchase process is started. Without being intrusive, this allows purchasers to stay up-to-date, particularly concerning payments needed, but also about other important steps related to this process. The automated reminders system is extremely convenient and useful for everyone. It should be noted that the system can be adapted to fit the needs of the developer. This means that the calls/messages can vary in number and/or frequency (over time). Obviously, it is the customer who benefits the most, because it allows them to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as ending up with late fees because they simply forgot to pay.

Examples of possible reminders include:

  • A deposit is due
  • Tracking condo fee payments
  • Contract(s) to be signed
  • Design and finish selection to be selected
  • Information about the progress of construction to keep abreast of new developments

As mentioned above, they can all be sent at different times (one month and/or a few weeks and/or days in advance, etc.)
From experience, it is this kind of detail that can make all the difference for some buyers.

Instant communication

One of the ways to make a customer confident and fully involved in the purchasing process is to be able to answer their questions as soon as possible. It helps to maintain their interest and solidify the relationship, because they know that they can get a quick response, helping them become proactive in the process. It is now possible to do this through text exchanges with a sales representative or through chat windows on the project’s website. Thus, it is a great way to keep the customer up-to-date on recent developments and particularly for the customer to get answers to their questions almost to the minute (of course, within working hours or according to the terms initially established between the customer and the seller).

Effective and autonomous online services

Good software can also make all the services related to design and finishing choices online and in an unassisted fashion. It should be noted that with the technological advances that we know today, this kind of process is now much simpler because the images are very representative and are available in high definition. This makes the choice of materials and colors even easier because the customer can have a real taste of what they choose.

In addition, this step requires a lot of personal reflection on the part of the buyer, so they often appreciate being able to take their time thinking about it, even consulting their friends and family about the various decisions. All this plus online services reduce the risk of delays compared to delivery and so the buyer can obtain a property finished to their liking, in time for them to move in. Online finishes selection, when implemented properly, also guarantees that there are no construction errors, minimizing the costs associated to installing the wrong flooring and/or options.

Access to your document folder at all times

It is essential for a real estate developer’s clients to have direct access to their file, as they may, for various reasons, need to consult it. Giving buyers this opportunity is imperative because it gives them autonomy and control over a multitude of information concerning them. For example, it is always useful to be able to reread your sales contract if ever an oversight or a question arises. This can sometimes avoid having to go through a third party to get answers to questions, or worse yet, bogging down your customer service team for simple requests. Customers can also view the various warranty manuals regarding the property and/or appliances included (if applicable). Other documents may be included such as user guides, history of cheques made or due, etc. In short, giving clients easy access to their files is necessary to ensure that they are well-informed about their situation and to maintain a transparent relationship.