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What’s new in the real
estate industry? 

Bureau des ventes immobilier
Real-Estate CRM Sales

Mistakes to Avoid When Using CRM in Real Estate Sales

It has become common practice for real estate developers to use CRM systems for the sale or rental of condominiums. A CRM helps manage and analyze interactions with clients. While...

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SUMO Scheduler and Onyx Technologies

[Video] How to streamline home buying processes?

In this video, with the support of our partners, SUMO Scheduler and Salesforce AppExchange, we share valuable insights into streamlining the home buying process. SUMO Scheduler and Salesforce AppExchange SUMO...

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Onyx Purchasing Process
Real-Estate CRM Technology Sales

Purchasing process – the essentials

For a stress-free purchasing process, a good CRM make all related operations efficient. In particular, it should minimize physical travel, which, in turn, should reduce unnecessary delays. A real estate...

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Agent Agreement
Technology Sales Marketing

How can technology improve the client’s experience in the real estate sector?

By incorporating technology into their practice, a real estate developer ensures that the customer experience is front and centre. With a good CRM, a developer is able to give their...

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Adapt New Buyers
Technology Sales Marketing

Real estate: How to adapt to buyers’ new habits in 2021

As the media often mention, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the real estate market. Market-related changes was occurred due to, among other things, the imbalance of...

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Real-Estate CRM Sales Marketing

Adopting digital solutions in real estate: the pitfalls to avoid

Whether you are following up on new sales and marketing strategies or you want to attract the interest of new buyers through stunning virtual visits, real estate developers who want...

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Digital Sales Benefits
Technology Sales

The benefits of a 100% digital sales office in real estate

Switching to a digital sales office is no longer an option. Indeed, there are several downfalls to using “paper” contracts or any other such document, as it actually adds to...

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